Solidago simplex var. gillmanii (A. Gray) G. S. Ringius
Family: Asteraceae
Solidago simplex var. gillmanii image
Nathanael Pilla  
Plants (20-)38-73(-84) cm (robust). Leaves: basal spatulate to obovate, margins dentate, sometimes crenate, acute; cauline (7-)15-37(-47), proximal cauline (spatulate to obovate) (36-)68-124(-147) × (6-)7.5-24(-42) mm, margins often sharply serrate; mid to distal 8-44(-95) × 1.1-9.4(-28) mm. Heads in paniculiform arrays. Peduncles: bracteoles 1-5. Phyllaries: shortest (1.2-)1.6-2.4(-2.9) mm. Cypselae sparsely strigose. 2n = 36. Flowering Aug-Sep. Sand dunes, sometimes sandy beaches; of conservation concern; 100-300 m; Ont.; Ind., Mich., Wis. Variety gillmanii is found in the Lake Michigan and northern Lake Huron areas.