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Xylopia acutiflora
Xylopia aethiopica
Xylopia amazonica
Xylopia aromatica
Xylopia barbata
Xylopia beananensis
Xylopia benthamii
Xylopia bocatorena
Xylopia brasiliensis
Xylopia buxifolia
Xylopia capuronii
Xylopia caudata
Xylopia columbiana
Xylopia conjungens
Xylopia crinita
Xylopia cuspidata
Xylopia danguyella
Xylopia densiflora
Xylopia densifolia
Xylopia elliotii
Xylopia emarginata
Xylopia emarginata var. duckei
Xylopia frutescens
Xylopia fusca
Xylopia holtzii
Xylopia humblotiana
Xylopia lastelliana
Xylopia lemurica
Xylopia ligustrifolia
Xylopia longipetala
Xylopia macrantha
Xylopia malayana
Xylopia micans
Xylopia mildbraedii
Xylopia multiflora
Xylopia muricata
Xylopia mwasumbii
Xylopia nervosa
Xylopia nitida
Xylopia nitida var. nervosa
Xylopia obtusifolia
Xylopia ochrantha
Xylopia odoratissima
Xylopia parviflora
Xylopia peekelii
Xylopia phloiodora
Xylopia polyantha
Xylopia polyantha var. longesericea
Xylopia quintasii
Xylopia sericea
Xylopia sericophylla
Xylopia spruceana
Xylopia staudtii
Xylopia surinamensis
Xylopia trichostemon
Xylopia vieillardii
Xylopia vitiensis
Xylopia xylantha