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Polypodium adelphum
Polypodium adnatum
Polypodium africanum
Polypodium alansmithii
Polypodium alavae
Polypodium albopunctatum
Polypodium aleuticum
Polypodium alpestre
Polypodium amoenum
Polypodium amorphum
Polypodium anfractuosum
Polypodium angustatum
Polypodium angustum
Polypodium appalachianum
Polypodium araneosum
Polypodium arcanum
Polypodium arcanum var. arcanum
Polypodium arcanum var. bakeri
Polypodium arcanum var. septentrionale
Polypodium argutum
Polypodium arisanense
Polypodium aromaticum
Polypodium articulatum
Polypodium aspidioides
Polypodium asplenifolium
Polypodium aspleniifolium
Polypodium asplenioides
Polypodium astrolepis
Polypodium auriculatum
Polypodium australe
Polypodium aztecum
Polypodium barbatum
Polypodium blechnoides
Polypodium brasiliense
Polypodium caespitosum
Polypodium californicum
Polypodium calirhiza
Polypodium cambricum
Polypodium cambricum subsp. cambricum
Polypodium camptophyllarium
Polypodium capillare
Polypodium caudatum
Polypodium chiapense
Polypodium chnoodes
Polypodium coarctatum
Polypodium collinsii
Polypodium colpodes
Polypodium colysoides
Polypodium concinnum
Polypodium conjugatum
Polypodium connectile
Polypodium consimile
Polypodium conterminans
Polypodium costatum
Polypodium crenatum
Polypodium cryptocarpon
Polypodium cultratum
Polypodium curvatum
Polypodium decumanum
Polypodium decurrens
Polypodium delicatulum
Polypodium deltoideum
Polypodium dictyopteris
Polypodium dilatatum
Polypodium dimorphum
Polypodium diplotrichum
Polypodium dispersum
Polypodium dissimile
Polypodium distans
Polypodium dulce
Polypodium eatonii
Polypodium echinolepis
Polypodium elasticum
Polypodium elongatum
Polypodium eperopeutes
Polypodium excavatum
Polypodium exiguum
Polypodium exornans
Polypodium fallacissimum
Polypodium fauriei
Polypodium feuillei
Polypodium firmulum
Polypodium fissidens
Polypodium fissum
Polypodium fraternum
Polypodium fraxinifolium
Polypodium furfuraceum
Polypodium fuscopetiolatum
Polypodium ghiesbreghtii
Polypodium giganteum
Polypodium glabrum
Polypodium gladiatum
Polypodium glaucum
Polypodium glycyrrhiza
Polypodium gramineum
Polypodium grisebachii
Polypodium griseum
Polypodium guttatum
Polypodium hartwegianum
Polypodium hendersonii
Polypodium hesperium
Polypodium hessii
Polypodium heterocarpum
Polypodium heterophyllum
Polypodium himalayense
Polypodium hirsutissimum
Polypodium hispidulum
Polypodium hookeri
Polypodium hymenodes
Polypodium hymenophylloides
Polypodium inaequale
Polypodium induens
Polypodium interjectum
Polypodium jubiforme
Polypodium juglandifolium
Polypodium kashyapii
Polypodium khasyanum
Polypodium knowltoniorum
Polypodium lanceolatum
Polypodium lanceolatum var. lanceolatum
Polypodium lanceolatum var. trichophorum
Polypodium latebrosum
Polypodium latum
Polypodium lepidopteris
Polypodium lepidotrichum
Polypodium leucolepis
Polypodium leucosticton
Polypodium levigatum
Polypodium liebmannii
Polypodium lineare
Polypodium lingua
Polypodium longepinnulatum
Polypodium longipetiolatum
Polypodium longissimum
Polypodium loriceum
Polypodium loriforme
Polypodium lycopodioides
Polypodium macaronesicum
Polypodium madrense
Polypodium mantoniae
Polypodium margallii
Polypodium martensii
Polypodium membranaceum
Polypodium microrhizoma
Polypodium minimum
Polypodium mollissimum
Polypodium moniliforme
Polypodium montense
Polypodium montigenum
Polypodium muenchii
Polypodium murorum
Polypodium myosuroides
Polypodium myriocarpum
Polypodium myriolepis
Polypodium nematorhizon
Polypodium nigripes
Polypodium nitidum
Polypodium otites
Polypodium oulolepis
Polypodium palmatum
Polypodium parasiticum
Polypodium parvulum
Polypodium pectinatum
Polypodium pellucidum
Polypodium pellucidum var. acuminatum
Polypodium pellucidum var. vulcanicum
Polypodium peltatum
Polypodium pendulum
Polypodium pennigerum
Polypodium percussum
Polypodium petiolatum
Polypodium phyllitidis
Polypodium phymatodes
Polypodium pilosissimum
Polypodium platylepis
Polypodium platyphyllum
Polypodium plebeium
Polypodium plebejum
Polypodium plectolepidioides
Polypodium pleolepis
Polypodium plesiosorum
Polypodium pleurosorum
Polypodium plumula
Polypodium poecilophlebium
Polypodium polycarpon
Polypodium polylepis
Polypodium polypodioides
Polypodium polypodioides var. aciculare
Polypodium polypodioides var. burchellii
Polypodium polypodioides var. polypodioides
Polypodium praetermissum
Polypodium proliferum
Polypodium prolongilobum
Polypodium pseudogrammitis
Polypodium pteropus
Polypodium ptilodon
Polypodium ptilodon var. caespitosum
Polypodium puberulum
Polypodium pubescens
Polypodium punctatum
Polypodium pustulatum
Polypodium remotum
Polypodium repens
Polypodium reptans
Polypodium rhachipterygium
Polypodium rhodopleuron
Polypodium rigens
Polypodium riograndense
Polypodium rosei
Polypodium rostratum
Polypodium rupestre
Polypodium saffordii
Polypodium salicifolium
Polypodium sanctae-rosae
Polypodium sandwicense
Polypodium sarmentosum
Polypodium saxicola
Polypodium saximontanum
Polypodium scandens
Polypodium schraderi
Polypodium scolopendria
Polypodium scolopendrium
Polypodium scouleri
Polypodium sectifrons
Polypodium semihirsutum
Polypodium serpens
Polypodium serratum
Polypodium sessilifolium
Polypodium setosum
Polypodium sibiricum
Polypodium sororium
Polypodium spectrum
Polypodium squamatum
Polypodium subauriculatum
Polypodium subfalcatum
Polypodium subpetiolatum
Polypodium subtile
Polypodium swartzii
Polypodium tamariscinum
Polypodium taxifolium
Polypodium tenellum
Polypodium tenuifolium
Polypodium tenuisectum
Polypodium thyssanolepis
Polypodium triangulare
Polypodium trichomanoides
Polypodium trifidum
Polypodium trifurcatum
Polypodium triseriale
Polypodium tweedianum
Polypodium urophyllum
Polypodium ursipes
Polypodium venulosum
Polypodium vestitum
Polypodium vexatum
Polypodium villagranii
Polypodium virginianum
Polypodium virginianum f. acuminatum
Polypodium virginianum f. virginianum
Polypodium vulgare
Polypodium vulgare subsp. prionodes
Polypodium vulgare subsp. vulgare
Polypodium vulgare var. cambricum
Polypodium vulgare var. intermedium
Polypodium vulgare var. kaulfussii
Polypodium vulgare var. serratum
Polypodium vulgare var. virginianum
Polypodium wagneri
Polypodium wallichianum
Polypodium wiesbaueri
Polypodium wrightii
Polypodium xalapense
Polypodium × aztecum