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Manihot aesculifolia
Manihot angustifolia
Manihot angustiloba
Manihot anisophylla
Manihot anomala
Manihot anomala subsp. glabrata
Manihot anomala subsp. pavoniana
Manihot anomala subsp. pubescens
Manihot auriculata
Manihot boliviana
Manihot brachyloba
Manihot caerulescens
Manihot caerulescens subsp. caerulescens
Manihot carthagenensis
Manihot carthagenensis subsp. glaziovii
Manihot carthaginensis
Manihot caudata
Manihot cecropiifolia
Manihot chlorosticta
Manihot colimensis
Manihot condensata
Manihot crassisepala
Manihot davisiae
Manihot dichotoma
Manihot divergens
Manihot epruinosa
Manihot esculenta
Manihot foetida
Manihot glaziovii
Manihot gracilis
Manihot grahamii
Manihot guaranitica
Manihot hunzikeriana
Manihot intermedia
Manihot irwinii
Manihot isoloba
Manihot jacobinensis
Manihot jolyana
Manihot leptophylla
Manihot longepetiolata
Manihot mcvaughii
Manihot michaelis
Manihot microcarpa
Manihot oaxacana
Manihot palmata
Manihot pauciflora
Manihot peltata
Manihot pentaphylla
Manihot pentaphylla subsp. pentaphylla
Manihot peruviana
Manihot pilosa
Manihot pringlei
Manihot procumbens
Manihot pruinosa
Manihot purpureocostata
Manihot quinqueloba
Manihot quinquepartita
Manihot reptans
Manihot rhomboidea
Manihot rhomboidea subsp. microcarpa
Manihot rhomboidea subsp. rhomboidea
Manihot rubricaulis
Manihot rubricaulis subsp. isoloba
Manihot sparsifolia
Manihot stipularis
Manihot stricta
Manihot subspicata
Manihot tomatophylla
Manihot triloba
Manihot tripartita
Manihot tripartita subsp. tripartita
Manihot triphylla
Manihot tristis
Manihot tristis subsp. saxicola
Manihot tristis subsp. tristis
Manihot violacea
Manihot violacea subsp. recurvata
Manihot walkerae
Manihot websteri