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Macaranga albescens
Macaranga aleuritoides
Macaranga alnifolia
Macaranga amplifolia
Macaranga angustifolia
Macaranga attenuata
Macaranga bancana
Macaranga barteri
Macaranga beccariana
Macaranga bicolor
Macaranga bifoveata
Macaranga boutonioides
Macaranga brachytricha
Macaranga caladiifolia
Macaranga capensis
Macaranga carolinensis
Macaranga caudata
Macaranga caudatifolia
Macaranga chrysotricha
Macaranga clavata
Macaranga congestiflora
Macaranga conglomerata
Macaranga conifera
Macaranga corymbosa
Macaranga costulata
Macaranga cuernosensis
Macaranga cumingii
Macaranga cuspidata
Macaranga densiflora
Macaranga denticulata
Macaranga depressa f. strigosa
Macaranga didymocarpa
Macaranga diepenhorstii
Macaranga dioica
Macaranga dipterocarpifolia
Macaranga ducis
Macaranga fallacina
Macaranga ferruginea
Macaranga fragrans
Macaranga gigantea
Macaranga gigantifolia
Macaranga graeffeana
Macaranga graeffeana subsp. crenata
Macaranga grallata
Macaranga grandifolia
Macaranga grayana
Macaranga griffithiana
Macaranga harveyana
Macaranga hemsleyana
Macaranga henryi
Macaranga heterophylla
Macaranga heudelotii
Macaranga hispida
Macaranga hoffmannii
Macaranga hosei
Macaranga hullettii
Macaranga hurifolia
Macaranga hypoleuca
Macaranga inamoena
Macaranga indica
Macaranga inermis
Macaranga intonsa
Macaranga involucrata
Macaranga involucrata var. involucrata
Macaranga involucrata var. mallotoides
Macaranga javanica
Macaranga kilimandscharica
Macaranga kinabaluensis
Macaranga lamellata
Macaranga loheri
Macaranga lowii
Macaranga magnifolia
Macaranga mappa
Macaranga mellifera
Macaranga monandra
Macaranga motleyana
Macaranga myriolepida
Macaranga neobritannica
Macaranga noblei
Macaranga novoguineensis
Macaranga oblongifolia
Macaranga obovata
Macaranga occidentalis
Macaranga ovatifolia
Macaranga pachyphylla
Macaranga papuana
Macaranga parabicolor
Macaranga peltata
Macaranga platyclada
Macaranga pleioneura
Macaranga pleiostemon
Macaranga polyadenia
Macaranga pruinosa
Macaranga punctata
Macaranga puncticulata
Macaranga quadriglandulosa
Macaranga racemosa
Macaranga ramiflora
Macaranga recurvata
Macaranga reiteriana
Macaranga rufibarbis
Macaranga sampsonii
Macaranga sarcocarpa
Macaranga schweinfurthii
Macaranga seemannii
Macaranga setosa
Macaranga sinensis
Macaranga spinosa
Macaranga strigosa
Macaranga subdentata
Macaranga sylvatica
Macaranga taitensis
Macaranga tanarius
Macaranga tanarius var. tomentosa
Macaranga thompsonii
Macaranga trachyphylla
Macaranga trichanthera
Macaranga trichocarpa
Macaranga triloba
Macaranga tsonane
Macaranga venosa
Macaranga vitiensis
Macaranga warburgiana
Macaranga winkleri