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Lellingeria apiculata
Lellingeria bishopii
Lellingeria brevistipes
Lellingeria cantarensis
Lellingeria depressa
Lellingeria dissimulans
Lellingeria flagellipinnata
Lellingeria humilis
Lellingeria isidrensis
Lellingeria labiakii
Lellingeria longeattenuata
Lellingeria major
Lellingeria micula
Lellingeria militaris
Lellingeria myosuroides
Lellingeria oreophila
Lellingeria pendula
Lellingeria phlegmaria
Lellingeria prionodes
Lellingeria pseudocapillaris
Lellingeria randallii
Lellingeria saffordii
Lellingeria subimpressa
Lellingeria subsessilis
Lellingeria suprasculpta
Lellingeria suspensa
Lellingeria tamandarei
Lellingeria tenuicula