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Hyptis actinocephala
Hyptis adamantium
Hyptis alata
Hyptis alata var. alata
Hyptis alata var. stenophylla
Hyptis alutacea
Hyptis americana
Hyptis ammotropha
Hyptis anitae
Hyptis apertiflora
Hyptis atrorubens
Hyptis balansae
Hyptis brachiata
Hyptis brevipes
Hyptis caespitosa
Hyptis capitata
Hyptis caprariifolia
Hyptis carpinifolia
Hyptis collina
Hyptis conferta
Hyptis crinita
Hyptis cymosa
Hyptis decipiens
Hyptis dilatata
Hyptis dumetorum
Hyptis eriophylla
Hyptis floribunda
Hyptis fruticosa
Hyptis gardneri
Hyptis glomerata
Hyptis havanensis
Hyptis hirsuta
Hyptis imbricatiformis
Hyptis intermedia
Hyptis involucrata
Hyptis iodantha
Hyptis irwinii
Hyptis laciniata
Hyptis lacustris
Hyptis lanata
Hyptis lanceolata
Hyptis langlassei
Hyptis lantanifolia
Hyptis lappacea
Hyptis lappulacea
Hyptis leucocephala
Hyptis linarioides
Hyptis lutescens
Hyptis macrocephala
Hyptis marrubioides
Hyptis maya
Hyptis microphylla
Hyptis minutifolia
Hyptis mociniana
Hyptis monticola
Hyptis multiflora
Hyptis muricata
Hyptis mutabilis
Hyptis oblongifolia
Hyptis obtecta
Hyptis obtusiflora
Hyptis palmeri
Hyptis parkeri
Hyptis passerina
Hyptis pectinata
Hyptis peduncularis
Hyptis personata
Hyptis petraea
Hyptis pinetorum
Hyptis plectranthoides
Hyptis proteoides
Hyptis pseudolantana
Hyptis pulegioides
Hyptis radiata
Hyptis radicans
Hyptis ramosa
Hyptis recurvata
Hyptis rhomboidea
Hyptis rhytidea
Hyptis rotundifolia
Hyptis rubiginosa
Hyptis rugosa
Hyptis salicina
Hyptis savannarum
Hyptis scoparia
Hyptis septentrionalis
Hyptis shaferi
Hyptis sidifolia
Hyptis sinuata
Hyptis spicata
Hyptis spicigera
Hyptis spiraeaefolia
Hyptis stellulata
Hyptis suaveolens
Hyptis subtilis
Hyptis tephrodes
Hyptis tomentosa
Hyptis turnerifolia
Hyptis uliginosa
Hyptis urticoides
Hyptis velutina
Hyptis verticillata
Hyptis vilis
Hyptis virgata
Hyptis vitifolia