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Goniophlebium argutum
Goniophlebium benguetense
Goniophlebium demersum
Goniophlebium fieldingianum
Goniophlebium formosanum
Goniophlebium hendersonii
Goniophlebium lachnopus
Goniophlebium manmeiense
Goniophlebium mehibitense
Goniophlebium mengtzeense
Goniophlebium niponicum
Goniophlebium percussum
Goniophlebium persicifolium
Goniophlebium prainii
Goniophlebium pringlei
Goniophlebium pseudoconnatum
Goniophlebium raishaense
Goniophlebium serratifolium
Goniophlebium someyae
Goniophlebium subauriculatum
Goniophlebium terrestre
Goniophlebium triseriale
Goniophlebium verrucosum
Goniophlebium yunnanense