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Copernicia alba
Copernicia baileyana
Copernicia berteroana
Copernicia brittonorum
Copernicia burretiana
Copernicia cerifera
Copernicia cowellii
Copernicia curbeloi
Copernicia curtissii
Copernicia ekmanii
Copernicia fallaense
Copernicia fallaensis
Copernicia gigas
Copernicia glabrescens
Copernicia glabrescens var. glabrescens
Copernicia hospita
Copernicia humicola
Copernicia longiglossa
Copernicia macroglossa
Copernicia molinetii
Copernicia oxycalyx
Copernicia prunifera
Copernicia rigida
Copernicia roigii
Copernicia sueroana
Copernicia tectorum
Copernicia yarey
Copernicia yarey var. robusta
Copernicia yarey var. yarey