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Coleus amboinicus
Coleus apoensis
Coleus barbatus
Coleus barbatus var. barbatus
Coleus bojeri
Coleus calaminthoides
Coleus calycinus
Coleus cylindraceus
Coleus dysophylloides
Coleus goetzenii
Coleus hadiensis
Coleus maculosus
Coleus melleri
Coleus otostegioides
Coleus pallidus
Coleus paniculatus
Coleus parviflorus
Coleus prostratus
Coleus rotundifolius
Coleus scutellarioides
Coleus shirensis
Coleus spicatus
Coleus stenostachys
Coleus stuhlmannii
Coleus sylvestris
Coleus tuberosus
Coleus umbrosus
Coleus venteri