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Clermontia arborescens
Clermontia arborescens subsp. arborescens
Clermontia arborescens subsp. waihiae
Clermontia arborescens subsp. waikoluensis
Clermontia calophylla
Clermontia clermontioides
Clermontia clermontioides subsp. clermontioides
Clermontia clermontioides subsp. rockiana
Clermontia coerulea
Clermontia drepanomorpha
Clermontia fauriei
Clermontia grandiflora
Clermontia grandiflora subsp. grandiflora
Clermontia grandiflora subsp. munroi
Clermontia hawaiiensis
Clermontia kakeana
Clermontia kohalae
Clermontia kohalae var. hiloensis
Clermontia lindseyana
Clermontia micrantha
Clermontia montis-loa
Clermontia oblongifolia
Clermontia oblongifolia subsp. brevipes
Clermontia oblongifolia subsp. oblongifolia
Clermontia pallida
Clermontia parviflora
Clermontia peleana
Clermontia persicifolia
Clermontia samuelii subsp. samuelii
Clermontia tuberculata
Clermontia waimeae