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Cinnamomum albiflorum
Cinnamomum amoenum
Cinnamomum amplexicaule
Cinnamomum appelianum
Cinnamomum areolatum
Cinnamomum aromaticum
Cinnamomum arsenei
Cinnamomum bejolghota
Cinnamomum brevifolium
Cinnamomum burmannii
Cinnamomum cambodianum
Cinnamomum camphora
Cinnamomum carolinense
Cinnamomum cassia
Cinnamomum celebicum
Cinnamomum chekiangense
Cinnamomum clemensii
Cinnamomum curvifolium
Cinnamomum degeneri
Cinnamomum deschampsii
Cinnamomum doederleinii
Cinnamomum effusum
Cinnamomum foveolatum
Cinnamomum glanduliferum
Cinnamomum grandiflorum
Cinnamomum hartmannii
Cinnamomum hatschbachii
Cinnamomum haussknechtii
Cinnamomum iners
Cinnamomum kotoense
Cinnamomum kwangtungense
Cinnamomum mercadoi
Cinnamomum oliveri
Cinnamomum osmophloeum
Cinnamomum pachypodum
Cinnamomum palaciosii
Cinnamomum pauciflorum
Cinnamomum philippinense
Cinnamomum podagricum
Cinnamomum polyadelphum
Cinnamomum porphyrium
Cinnamomum porrectum
Cinnamomum reticulatum
Cinnamomum scortechinii
Cinnamomum sellowianum
Cinnamomum solomonense
Cinnamomum subavenium
Cinnamomum subtriplinervium
Cinnamomum tamala
Cinnamomum tampicense
Cinnamomum tazia
Cinnamomum tenuifolium
Cinnamomum triplinerve
Cinnamomum verum
Cinnamomum wilsonii
Cinnamomum yabunikkei
Cinnamomum zapatae
Cinnamomum zeylanicum