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Cavendishia acuminata
Cavendishia adenophora
Cavendishia allenii
Cavendishia amplexa
Cavendishia angustifolia
Cavendishia atroviolacea
Cavendishia atroviolacea var. atroviolacea
Cavendishia atroviolacea var. folsomii
Cavendishia axillaris
Cavendishia bracteata
Cavendishia callista
Cavendishia calycina
Cavendishia capitulata
Cavendishia caudata
Cavendishia chiapensis
Cavendishia chiriquiensis
Cavendishia chocoensis
Cavendishia compacta
Cavendishia complectens
Cavendishia complectens subsp. complectens
Cavendishia complectens subsp. striata
Cavendishia confertiflora
Cavendishia crassifolia
Cavendishia cuatrecasasii
Cavendishia darienensis
Cavendishia dependens
Cavendishia divaricata
Cavendishia endresii
Cavendishia engleriana
Cavendishia engleriana var. ecuadorensis
Cavendishia engleriana var. engleriana
Cavendishia erythrostegia
Cavendishia foreroi
Cavendishia fortunensis
Cavendishia fusiformis
Cavendishia grandifolia
Cavendishia guatapeensis
Cavendishia guatemalensis
Cavendishia isernii
Cavendishia isernii var. isernii
Cavendishia isernii var. pseudospicata
Cavendishia lactiviscida
Cavendishia laurifolia
Cavendishia lebroniae
Cavendishia leucantha
Cavendishia lindauiana
Cavendishia longirachis
Cavendishia martii
Cavendishia megabracteata
Cavendishia megabracteata var. attenuata
Cavendishia melastomoides
Cavendishia melastomoides var. albiflora
Cavendishia melastomoides var. coloradensis
Cavendishia melastomoides var. melastomoides
Cavendishia nitens
Cavendishia nitida
Cavendishia nobilis
Cavendishia nobilis var. capitata
Cavendishia nobilis var. nobilis
Cavendishia palustris
Cavendishia panamensis
Cavendishia pedicellata
Cavendishia pseudostenophylla
Cavendishia pubescens
Cavendishia punctata
Cavendishia quercina
Cavendishia quereme
Cavendishia ruiz-teranii
Cavendishia sessiliflora
Cavendishia spicata
Cavendishia stenophylla
Cavendishia subamplexicaulis
Cavendishia subfasciculata
Cavendishia talamancensis
Cavendishia tarapotana
Cavendishia tarapotana var. gilgiana
Cavendishia tarapotana var. tarapotana
Cavendishia tenella
Cavendishia uniflora
Cavendishia wercklei
Cavendishia zamorensis