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Carex abbreviata
Carex abdita
Carex ablata
Carex aboriginum
Carex abramsii
Carex abrupta
Carex abscondita
Carex abscondita var. glauca
Carex abscondita var. rostellata
Carex absconditiformis
Carex acaulis
Carex accedens
Carex accrescens
Carex acidicola
Carex acuta
Carex acutata
Carex acutiformis
Carex acutina
Carex adelostoma
Carex adusta
Carex aequa
Carex aestivaliformis
Carex aestivalis
Carex aethiopica
Carex agastachys
Carex aggregata
Carex agrostoides
Carex alata
Carex alatauensis
Carex alba
Carex albicans
Carex albicans var. albicans
Carex albicans var. australis
Carex albicans var. emmonsii
Carex albida
Carex albolutescens
Carex albonigra
Carex albursina
Carex allegheniensis
Carex alligata
Carex alma
Carex alopecoidea
Carex alopecuroides
Carex alsophila
Carex amblyorhyncha
Carex ambusta
Carex amicta
Carex amphibola
Carex amphibola var. amphibola
Carex amphibola var. globosa
Carex amphibola var. rigida
Carex amphibola var. turgida
Carex amplectens
Carex amplifolia
Carex amplisquama
Carex anceps
Carex angustata
Carex angustilepis
Carex angustior
Carex angustior var. gracilenta
Carex angustispica
Carex anisostachys
Carex annectens
Carex annectens var. annectens
Carex annectens var. xanthocarpa
Carex anomala
Carex anthoxanthea
Carex aperta
Carex aperta var. viridans
Carex aphanolepis
Carex apoda
Carex appalachica
Carex appendiculata
Carex appressa
Carex appressa var. virgata
Carex appropinquata
Carex aquatilis
Carex aquatilis subsp. aquatilis
Carex aquatilis subsp. stans
Carex aquatilis var. aquatilis
Carex aquatilis var. cuspidata
Carex aquatilis var. dives
Carex aquatilis var. minor
Carex aquatilis var. stans
Carex aquatilis var. substricta
Carex arapahoensis
Carex arcta
Carex arctata
Carex arctata var. faxonii
Carex arctiformis
Carex arctogena
Carex arenaria
Carex arenicola
Carex arenicola subsp. pansa
Carex argyrantha
Carex argyrolepis
Carex arizonica
Carex arkansana
Carex arnottiana
Carex arsenei
Carex artitecta
Carex artitecta var. subtilirostris
Carex asa-grayi
Carex assiniboinensis
Carex astricta
Carex asynchrona
Carex aterrima
Carex aterrima subsp. aterrima
Carex aterrima subsp. medwedewii
Carex athabascensis
Carex atherodes
Carex athrostachya
Carex atlantica
Carex atlantica subsp. atlantica
Carex atlantica subsp. capillacea
Carex atlantica var. atlantica
Carex atlantica var. capillacea
Carex atlantica var. capillaceae
Carex atlantica var. incomperta
Carex atractodes
Carex atrata
Carex atrata subsp. aterrima
Carex atratiformis
Carex atratiformis subsp. raymondii
Carex atrofusca
Carex atrofusca subsp. atrofusca
Carex atropicta
Carex atrosquama
Carex augustinowiczii
Carex aurea
Carex aureolensis
Carex austrina
Carex austro-caroliniana
Carex austroalpina
Carex austroamericana
Carex austrocaroliniana
Carex austrodeflexa
Carex austrolucorum
Carex austromexicana
Carex autumnalis
Carex aztecica
Carex baccans
Carex backii
Carex backii var. subrostrata
Carex baileyi
Carex bajacalifornica
Carex baldensis
Carex ballsii
Carex baltzellii
Carex banksiana
Carex banksii
Carex barbarae
Carex barrattii
Carex basiantha
Carex bayardii
Carex bebbii
Carex beckii
Carex bella
Carex bengalensis
Carex bequaertii
Carex berggrenii
Carex bermudiana
Carex bichenoviana
Carex bicknellii
Carex bicknellii var. bicknellii
Carex bicknellii var. opaca
Carex bicolor
Carex bigelowii
Carex bigelowii subsp. bigelowii
Carex bigelowii subsp. dacica
Carex bigelowii subsp. lugens
Carex bigelowii subsp. rigida
Carex billingsii
Carex biltmoreana
Carex binervis
Carex bishallii
Carex blanda
Carex blepharicarpa
Carex blepharicarpa var. hirtifructus
Carex bodinieri
Carex bohemica
Carex bolanderi
Carex bolanderi subsp. bolanderi
Carex boliviensis
Carex boliviensis subsp. occidentalis
Carex bonanzensis
Carex bonariensis
Carex bonariensis var. trachycystis
Carex bonplandii
Carex bonplandii var. angustifolia
Carex boottiana
Carex borealipolaris
Carex borii
Carex boryana
Carex brachycalama
Carex brachyglossa
Carex brachystachys
Carex bracteosa
Carex brainerdii
Carex brasiliensis
Carex brevicollis
Carex breviculmis
Carex breviligulata
Carex brevior
Carex brevior var. crawei
Carex breviscapa
Carex breweri
Carex breweri var. breweri
Carex breweri var. paddoensis
Carex brittoniana
Carex brizoides
Carex bromoides
Carex bromoides subsp. bromoides
Carex bromoides subsp. montana
Carex bromoides var. bromoides
Carex bromoides var. montana
Carex brongniartii
Carex brownii
Carex brownii subsp. transversa
Carex brunnea
Carex brunnea subsp. brunnea
Carex brunnescens
Carex brunnescens subsp. alaskana
Carex brunnescens subsp. brunnescens
Carex brunnescens subsp. sphaerostachya
Carex brunnescens var. brunnescens
Carex brunnescens var. sphaerostachya
Carex brunnipes
Carex brysonii
Carex buchananii
Carex buekii
Carex bulbostylis
Carex bullata
Carex bullata var. bullata
Carex bullata var. greenei
Carex bushii
Carex buxbaumii
Carex buxbaumii var. buxbaumii
Carex caeligena
Carex caesariensis
Carex caespitosa
Carex calcifugens
Carex californica
Carex canariensis
Carex canescens
Carex canescens subsp. arctiformis
Carex canescens subsp. canescens
Carex canescens subsp. disjuncta
Carex canescens var. alpicola
Carex canescens var. canescens
Carex canescens var. disjuncta
Carex canescens var. dubia
Carex canescens var. oregana
Carex canescens var. subloliacea
Carex capensis
Carex capillacea
Carex capillaris
Carex capillaris subsp. capillaris
Carex capillaris subsp. fuscidula
Carex capillaris var. capillaris
Carex capillifolia
Carex capitata
Carex capitata subsp. arctogena
Carex capitata subsp. capitata
Carex capitata var. arctogena
Carex capricornis
Carex cardiolepis
Carex careyana
Carex carltonia
Carex caroliniana
Carex caroliniana var. cuspidata
Carex caryophyllea
Carex castanea
Carex castanostachya
Carex catamarcensis
Carex cataractae
Carex caxinensis
Carex cephalantha
Carex cephaloidea
Carex cephalophora
Carex cephalophora var. angustifolia
Carex cephalophora var. cephalophora
Carex cephalophora var. leavenworthii
Carex cephalophora var. mesochorea
Carex cephalotes
Carex cespitosa
Carex chalciolepis
Carex chapmanii
Carex cherokeensis
Carex chiapensis
Carex chimaphila
Carex chinensis
Carex chordalis
Carex chordorrhiza
Carex ciliaris
Carex cinnamomea
Carex circinata
Carex circinnata
Carex clavata
Carex clavispica
Carex cochranei
Carex cognata
Carex colchica
Carex colensoi
Carex collinsii
Carex collumanthus
Carex colorata
Carex comans
Carex communis
Carex communis var. amplisquama
Carex communis var. communis
Carex comosa
Carex complanata
Carex complanata subsp. tropicalis
Carex complanata var. complanata
Carex complanata var. hirsuta
Carex complexa
Carex composita
Carex concinna
Carex concinnoides
Carex condensata
Carex conferta
Carex conferta var. leptosaccus
Carex congdonii
Carex congestiflora
Carex conica
Carex conjuncta
Carex conoidea
Carex conoides
Carex consimilis
Carex conspecta
Carex constanceana
Carex contigua
Carex continua
Carex convoluta
Carex cordillerana
Carex coriacea
Carex corrugata
Carex cortesii
Carex costata
Carex costellata
Carex coulteri
Carex crandallii
Carex crassiflora
Carex crawei
Carex crawfordii
Carex crawfordii var. vigens
Carex crebra
Carex crebriflora
Carex crinalis
Carex crinita
Carex crinita var. angusta
Carex crinita var. brevicrinis
Carex crinita var. crinita
Carex crinita var. gynandra
Carex crinita var. minor
Carex crinita var. mitchelliana
Carex crinita var. porteri
Carex crinita var. simulans
Carex cristatella
Carex cruciata
Carex cruenta
Carex crus-corvi
Carex cryptocarpa
Carex cryptolepis
Carex cryptosperma
Carex cryptostachys
Carex cuchumatanensis
Carex cumberlandensis
Carex cumulata
Carex curatorum
Carex curvicollis
Carex curviculmis
Carex curvula
Carex cusickii
Carex cyanea
Carex cylindrica
Carex cylindrostachys
Carex cyrtostachya
Carex dacica
Carex danaensis
Carex darwinii
Carex dasycarpa
Carex davalliana
Carex david-smithii
Carex davidii
Carex davisii
Carex davyi
Carex deasyi
Carex debiliformis
Carex debilis
Carex debilis subsp. pubera
Carex debilis subsp. rudgei
Carex debilis var. debilis
Carex debilis var. intercursa
Carex debilis var. interjecta
Carex debilis var. pubera
Carex debilis var. rudgei
Carex decidua
Carex decomposita
Carex deflexa
Carex deflexa var. boottii
Carex deflexa var. deflexa
Carex demissa
Carex densa
Carex dentata
Carex depauperata
Carex depressa subsp. basilaris
Carex depressa subsp. transsilvanica
Carex desponsa
Carex deweyana
Carex deweyana subsp. deweyana
Carex deweyana var. collectanea
Carex deweyana var. deweyana
Carex deweyana var. sparsiflora
Carex dianae
Carex diandra
Carex dickinsii
Carex dietrichiae
Carex digitalis
Carex digitalis var. asymmetrica
Carex digitalis var. digitalis
Carex digitalis var. floridana
Carex digitalis var. macropoda
Carex digitata
Carex diluta
Carex dimorpholepis
Carex dioica
Carex dioica subsp. gynocrates
Carex dioica var. gynocrates
Carex dipsacea
Carex dispalata
Carex disperma
Carex dissita
Carex distachya
Carex distans
Carex distans subsp. distans
Carex distenta
Carex distentiformis
Carex disticha
Carex distracta
Carex divisa
Carex divulsa
Carex divulsa subsp. divulsa
Carex divulsa subsp. leersii
Carex doenitzii
Carex doenitzii var. doenitzii
Carex dolichostachya
Carex dolichostachya subsp. dolichostachya
Carex doniana
Carex donnell-smithii
Carex douglasii
Carex douglasii var. brunnea
Carex drummondiana
Carex drymeia
Carex drymophila
Carex dudleyi
Carex durangensis
Carex durifolia
Carex durifolia var. subrostrata
Carex duriuscula
Carex dutillyi
Carex ebenea
Carex eburnea
Carex echinata
Carex echinata subsp. echinata
Carex echinata subsp. phyllomanica
Carex echinata subsp. townsendii
Carex echinata var. angustata
Carex echinata var. echinata
Carex echinata var. ormantha
Carex echinochloe
Carex echinodes
Carex edwardsiana
Carex egglestonii
Carex ekmanii
Carex elachycarpa
Carex elata
Carex elata subsp. elata
Carex eleusinoides
Carex elgonensis
Carex elliottii
Carex elongata
Carex elynoides
Carex elytroides
Carex eminens
Carex emmonsii
Carex emmonsii var. australis
Carex emmonsii var. elliptica
Carex emmonsii var. emmonsii
Carex emmonsii var. muehlenbergii
Carex emoryi
Carex enanderi
Carex endlichii
Carex enervis
Carex engelmannii
Carex epapillosa
Carex ereica
Carex ericetorum
Carex esenbeckii
Carex estesiana
Carex eurystachya
Carex excelsa
Carex exilis
Carex exserta
Carex exsiccata
Carex extensa
Carex fecunda
Carex fecunda var. fecunda
Carex feddeana
Carex fedia
Carex fendleriana
Carex ferruginea
Carex ferruginea subsp. ferruginea
Carex festiva
Carex festiva var. haydeniana
Carex festivelloides
Carex festucacea
Carex feta
Carex fibrillosa
Carex filicina
Carex filifolia
Carex filifolia var. erostrata
Carex filifolia var. filifolia
Carex filifolia var. miser
Carex filifolia var. valida
Carex filiformis
Carex filiformis var. latifolia
Carex filipes
Carex filipes var. oligostachys
Carex fimbriata
Carex finitima
Carex firma
Carex firmicaulis
Carex fissa
Carex fissa var. aristata
Carex fissa var. fissa
Carex fissuricola
Carex flacca
Carex flacca subsp. erythrostachys
Carex flacca subsp. flacca
Carex flaccidula
Carex flaccifolia
Carex flaccosperma
Carex flaccosperma var. flaccosperma
Carex flaccosperma var. glaucodea
Carex flagellifera
Carex flava
Carex flava subsp. orthorhyncha
Carex flava var. flava
Carex flava var. lepidocarpa
Carex flava var. recterostrata
Carex flava var. viridula
Carex flaviformis
Carex flavocuspis
Carex flexirostris
Carex flexuosa
Carex floridana
Carex fluviatilis
Carex foenea
Carex foenea var. foenea
Carex foenea var. perplexa
Carex foliosa
Carex foliosissima
Carex folliculata
Carex folliculata var. australis
Carex folliculata var. folliculata
Carex forficula
Carex formosa
Carex forsteri
Carex fossa
Carex fracta
Carex fragilis
Carex frankii
Carex franklinii
Carex fraseriana
Carex frigida
Carex fructus
Carex fuirenoides
Carex fuliginosa
Carex fuliginosa subsp. misandra
Carex fulva
Carex fulva var. hornschuchiana
Carex fulvescens
Carex fumosimontana
Carex fuscolutea
Carex fuscula
Carex fusiformis
Carex garberi
Carex gaudichaudiana
Carex gayana
Carex gayana var. hyalina
Carex geminata
Carex geophila
Carex geyeri
Carex gholsonii
Carex gibba
Carex gigantea
Carex gigas
Carex glacialis
Carex glareosa
Carex glareosa subsp. amphigena
Carex glareosa subsp. glareosa
Carex glareosa subsp. pribylovensis
Carex glauca
Carex glauca subsp. diversicolor
Carex glaucescens
Carex glaucodea
Carex globosa
Carex globularis
Carex glossostigma
Carex gmelinii
Carex godfreyi
Carex goetghebeurii
Carex gongshanensis
Carex goodenowii
Carex gotoi
Carex goyenii
Carex gracilenta
Carex gracilescens
Carex gracilior
Carex gracillima
Carex gracillima var. macerrima
Carex graeffeana
Carex grantii
Carex granularis
Carex granularis var. granularis
Carex granularis var. haleana
Carex granularis var. recta
Carex gravida
Carex gravida var. gravida
Carex gravida var. lunelliana
Carex grayi
Carex grisea
Carex grisea var. amphibola
Carex guatemalensis
Carex gynandra
Carex gynocrates
Carex gynodynama
Carex gypsophila
Carex hachijoensis
Carex haematostoma
Carex hakkodensis
Carex haleana
Carex halleri
Carex halleriana
Carex halliana
Carex hallii
Carex halophila
Carex hamata
Carex harfordii
Carex harlandii
Carex harlandii subsp. khoi
Carex harperi
Carex hartmanii
Carex hartmaniorum
Carex hassei
Carex haydeniana
Carex haydenii
Carex hebecarpa
Carex heleonastes
Carex helleri
Carex hendersonii
Carex henryi
Carex hepburnii
Carex hermannii
Carex heterolepis
Carex heteroneura
Carex heteroneura var. brevisquama
Carex heteroneura var. chalciolepis
Carex heteroneura var. epapillosa
Carex heteroneura var. heteroneura
Carex heterostachya
Carex heudesii
Carex hilairei
Carex hindsii
Carex hirsuta
Carex hirsutella
Carex hirta
Carex hirtifolia
Carex hirtissima
Carex hispida
Carex hitchcockiana
Carex holmgreniorum
Carex holostoma
Carex hondoensis
Carex hoodii
Carex hoodii var. nervosa
Carex hookerana
Carex hookeriana
Carex hordeistichos
Carex hormathodes
Carex hornschuchiana
Carex horsfieldii
Carex hostiana
Carex hostiana var. laurentiana
Carex houghtoniana
Carex houghtonii
Carex howei
Carex howei var. capillacea
Carex howellii
Carex huehueteca
Carex hultenii
Carex humboldtiana
Carex humilis
Carex hyalina
Carex hyalinolepis
Carex hypaneura
Carex hypoleucos
Carex hypolytroides
Carex hystericina
Carex idahoa
Carex idzuroei
Carex ignota
Carex illota
Carex impressa
Carex impressinervia
Carex inanis
Carex incisa
Carex incomperta
Carex incurva
Carex incurviformis
Carex incurviformis var. danaensis
Carex indica
Carex infirminervia
Carex infuscata
Carex inops
Carex inops subsp. heliophila
Carex inops subsp. inops
Carex insaniae
Carex insaniae var. subdita
Carex insularis
Carex integra
Carex interimus
Carex interior
Carex interior var. capillacea
Carex interjecta
Carex interrupta
Carex intumescens
Carex intumescens var. fernaldii
Carex intumescens var. intumescens
Carex inversa
Carex invisa
Carex involucratella
Carex ischnostachya
Carex ivanoviae
Carex jackiana
Carex jackiana subsp. parciflora
Carex jackiana var. macroglossa
Carex jamesii
Carex jamesonii
Carex jamesonii var. gracilis
Carex japonica
Carex jepsonii
Carex johnstonii
Carex jonesii
Carex joorii
Carex josselynii
Carex juncifolia
Carex juniperorum
Carex kaloides
Carex kauaiensis
Carex kelloggii
Carex kelloggii var. impressa
Carex kelloggii var. kelloggii
Carex kelloggii var. limnophila
Carex kiotensis
Carex kirkii
Carex klamathensis
Carex knieskernii
Carex kobomugi
Carex kokanica
Carex kokrinensis
Carex kraliana
Carex krausei
Carex kreczetoviczii
Carex kumaonensis
Carex lachenalii
Carex lachenalii subsp. lachenalii
Carex laciniata
Carex lacunarum
Carex lacustris
Carex lacustris var. lacustris
Carex lacustris var. laxiflora
Carex laegaardii
Carex laeta
Carex laeviconica
Carex laeviculmis
Carex laevigata
Carex laevivaginata
Carex lagunensis
Carex lambertiana
Carex lancea
Carex lanceata
Carex lanceolata
Carex lancifructus
Carex langeana
Carex lapazensis
Carex lapponica
Carex laricina
Carex lasiocarpa
Carex lasiocarpa subsp. americana
Carex lasiocarpa var. americana
Carex lasiolepis
Carex latebracteata
Carex latebrosa
Carex latisquama
Carex lativena
Carex laxa
Carex laxiculmis
Carex laxiculmis var. copulata
Carex laxiculmis var. laxiculmis
Carex laxiflora
Carex laxiflora var. laxiflora
Carex laxior
Carex leavenworthii
Carex leersii
Carex leiophylla
Carex leiorhyncha
Carex lemanniana
Carex lemmonii
Carex lenta
Carex lenticularis
Carex lenticularis var. blakei
Carex lenticularis var. dolia
Carex lenticularis var. eucycla
Carex lenticularis var. impressa
Carex lenticularis var. lenticularis
Carex lenticularis var. limnophila
Carex lenticularis var. lipocarpa
Carex lepida
Carex lepidocarpa
Carex lepidocarpa subsp. jemtlandica
Carex lepidocarpa subsp. lepidocarpa
Carex lepidocarpa subsp. scotica
Carex leporina
Carex leporinella
Carex leptalea
Carex leptalea subsp. harperi
Carex leptalea subsp. leptalea
Carex leptalea subsp. pacifica
Carex leptalea var. harperi
Carex leptalea var. leptalea
Carex leptonervia
Carex leptopoda
Carex lessoniana
Carex leucantha
Carex leucochlora var. leucochlora
Carex leucodonta
Carex libera
Carex liddoni
Carex ligulata
Carex limnaea
Carex limosa
Carex limosoides
Carex limula
Carex lindleyana
Carex linkii
Carex liparocarpos
Carex lithophila
Carex litorosa
Carex littoralis
Carex livida
Carex livida var. grayana
Carex livida var. radicaulis
Carex loliacea
Carex lonchocarpa
Carex longicaulis
Carex longicruris
Carex longii
Carex longii subsp. longii
Carex longiligula
Carex longipes
Carex longirostrata
Carex longissima
Carex louisianica
Carex lucorum
Carex lucorum var. austrolucorum
Carex lucorum var. lucorum
Carex lugens
Carex lunelliana
Carex lupuliformis
Carex lupulina
Carex lurida
Carex luridiformis
Carex lutea
Carex luzulifolia
Carex luzulina
Carex luzulina var. ablata
Carex luzulina var. atropurpurea
Carex luzulina var. luzulina
Carex lyallii
Carex lycurus
Carex lyngbyei
Carex lyngbyei var. robusta
Carex maackii
Carex mackenziana
Carex mackenziei
Carex macloviana
Carex macloviana var. macloviana
Carex macrocephala
Carex macrochaeta
Carex macroglossa
Carex macrogyna
Carex macrorrhiza
Carex macrosolen
Carex macrostachys
Carex maculata
Carex maculata var. maculata
Carex madida
Carex madrensis
Carex magellanica
Carex magellanica subsp. irrigua
Carex magellanica subsp. magellanica
Carex magellanica var. irrigua
Carex magellanica var. magellanica
Carex magnifica
Carex magnifolia
Carex mainensis
Carex mairei
Carex makinoensis
Carex mandoniana
Carex manhartii
Carex maorica
Carex marginata
Carex marianensis
Carex marina
Carex marina subsp. marina
Carex marina subsp. pseudolagopina
Carex mariposana
Carex maritima
Carex maritima var. incurviformis
Carex matsumurae
Carex maximowiczii
Carex mckittrickensis
Carex mcvaughii
Carex meadii
Carex media
Carex media var. stevenii
Carex mediterranea
Carex megalepis
Carex melanantha
Carex melanocarpa
Carex melanocephala
Carex melanosperma
Carex melanostachya
Carex melozitnensis
Carex membranacea
Carex membranopacta
Carex mendocinensis
Carex meridensis
Carex merritt-fernaldii
Carex mertensii
Carex mesochorea
Carex mesophila
Carex meyenii
Carex meyeriana
Carex michauxiana
Carex michelii
Carex michoacana
Carex microcarpa
Carex microchaeta
Carex microchaeta subsp. microchaeta
Carex microchaeta subsp. nesophila
Carex microdonta
Carex microglochin
Carex microglochin subsp. microglochin
Carex micropoda
Carex microptera
Carex microptera var. microptera
Carex microrhyncha
Carex microstachya
Carex middendorffii
Carex mirabilis
Carex misandra
Carex misandroides
Carex misera
Carex miserabilis
Carex missouriensis
Carex mitchelliana
Carex mitrata var. aristata
Carex mitrata var. mitrata
Carex miyabei
Carex mohriana
Carex molesta
Carex molestiformis
Carex mollicula
Carex monile
Carex monodynama
Carex monostachya
Carex montana
Carex montanensis
Carex montereyensis
Carex monticola
Carex montis-eeka
Carex moorcroftii
Carex moorei
Carex morrisseyi
Carex morrowii
Carex morrowii var. temnolepis
Carex moupinensis
Carex mucronata
Carex muehlenbergii
Carex muehlenbergii var. australis
Carex muehlenbergii var. enervis
Carex muehlenbergii var. muehlenbergii
Carex muehlenbergii var. xalapensis
Carex multicaulis
Carex multicostata
Carex multiflora
Carex muricata
Carex muricata subsp. lamprocarpa
Carex muricata subsp. muricata
Carex muricata var. angustata
Carex muricata var. cephalantha
Carex muricata var. gracilis
Carex muricata var. laricina
Carex muricata var. ruthii
Carex muricata var. sterilis
Carex muriculata
Carex muskingumensis
Carex myosuroides
Carex myosurus
Carex nachiana
Carex nandadeviensis
Carex nardina
Carex nardina subsp. hepburnii
Carex nardina var. hepburnii
Carex nardina var. nardina
Carex nebrascensis
Carex nebraskensis
Carex nebularum
Carex nelsonii
Carex nemoralis
Carex nemostachys
Carex nemurensis
Carex neobigelowii
Carex neofilipendula
Carex neomiliaris
Carex nervata
Carex nervina
Carex nesophila
Carex neurocarpa
Carex neurochlaena
Carex neurophora
Carex nevadensis
Carex nigerrima
Carex nigra
Carex nigra subsp. juncea
Carex nigra subsp. nigra
Carex nigra var. strictiformis
Carex nigricans
Carex nigromarginata
Carex nigromarginata var. elliptica
Carex nigromarginata var. floridana
Carex nigromarginata var. minor
Carex nigromarginata var. muehlenbergii
Carex nigromarginata var. nigromarginata
Carex nivalis
Carex normalis
Carex norvegica
Carex norvegica subsp. inferalpina
Carex norvegica subsp. norvegica
Carex norvegica subsp. stevenii
Carex norvegica var. inferalpina
Carex norvegica var. stevenii
Carex nova
Carex nova var. nova
Carex nova var. pelocarpa
Carex novae-angliae
Carex novogaliciana
Carex nubigena
Carex nudata
Carex nudicarpa
Carex nutans
Carex obispoensis
Carex oblita
Carex obnupta
Carex obovoidea
Carex obscura
Carex obscuriceps
Carex obtusata
Carex occidentalis
Carex ochrosaccus
Carex oederi
Carex oederi subsp. pulchella
Carex oederi subsp. viridula
Carex oederi var. bergrothii
Carex oederi var. oederi
Carex oederi var. prolifera
Carex oederi var. pumila
Carex oederi var. recterostrata
Carex oederi var. viridula
Carex oklahomensis
Carex olbiensis
Carex oligocarpa
Carex oligosperma
Carex oligosperma var. oligosperma
Carex oligostachya
Carex olivacea
Carex olivacea subsp. confertiflora
Carex olneyi
Carex olympica
Carex omeiensis
Carex omiana var. monticola
Carex onoei
Carex onusta
Carex opaca
Carex orbicularis
Carex orbicularis subsp. kotschyana
Carex oregonensis
Carex oreocharis
Carex orestera
Carex orizabae
Carex ormantha
Carex ormostachya
Carex ornithopoda
Carex ornithopoda subsp. ornithopoda
Carex oronensis
Carex otaruensis
Carex otrubae
Carex ouachitana
Carex ovalis
Carex ovata
Carex ovoidispica
Carex ownbeyi
Carex oxyandra
Carex oxylepis
Carex oxylepis var. oxylepis
Carex oxylepis var. pubescens
Carex oxyphylla
Carex ozarkana
Carex pachycarpa
Carex pachygyna
Carex pachystachya
Carex pachystachya var. pachystachya
Carex pachystylis
Carex paeninsulae
Carex pairae
Carex pairaei
Carex palawanensis
Carex paleacea
Carex paleacea var. transatlantica
Carex pallescens
Carex pallescens var. neogaea
Carex pallidula
Carex paludosa
Carex pamirensis
Carex panicea
Carex paniculata
Carex paniculata subsp. lusitanica
Carex paniculata subsp. paniculata
Carex pansa
Carex parallela
Carex parallela subsp. redowskiana
Carex parryana
Carex parryana subsp. hallii
Carex parryana subsp. parryana
Carex parryana var. brevisquama
Carex parryana var. parryana
Carex parryana var. unica
Carex parva
Carex parviflora
Carex parvula
Carex patagonica
Carex paucicostata
Carex pauciflora
Carex paupercula
Carex paupercula var. brevisquama
Carex paupercula var. irrigua
Carex paupercula var. pallens
Carex paysonis
Carex peckii
Carex pediformis
Carex pedunculata
Carex pedunculata var. pedunculata
Carex pellita
Carex pelocarpa
Carex pendula
Carex pennsylvanica
Carex pensylvanica
Carex pensylvanica var. distans
Carex pensylvanica var. glumabunda
Carex pensylvanica var. lucorum
Carex pensylvanica var. pensylvanica
Carex pensylvanica var. separans
Carex pensylvanica var. vespertina
Carex perakensis
Carex percostata
Carex perdentata
Carex perglobosa
Carex perlonga
Carex perstricta
Carex pertenuis
Carex petasata
Carex petricosa
Carex petricosa var. misandroides
Carex petricosa var. petricosa
Carex petriei
Carex peucophila
Carex phacota
Carex phaeocephala
Carex phalaroides
Carex phyllocephala
Carex phyllomanica
Carex physodes
Carex physorhyncha
Carex pichinchensis
Carex picta
Carex pigra
Carex pilosa
Carex pilulifera
Carex pilulifera subsp. pilulifera
Carex pinophila
Carex piperi
Carex pisanoi
Carex pisiformis
Carex pisiformis var. pisiformis
Carex pityophila
Carex plana
Carex planata
Carex planilamina
Carex planispicata
Carex planostachys
Carex plantaginea
Carex platylepis
Carex platyphylla
Carex plectobasis
Carex plectocarpa
Carex pleioneura
Carex pluriflora
Carex podocarpa
Carex podogyna
Carex polymorpha
Carex polyphylla
Carex polystachya
Carex polystachya var. bartlettii
Carex polystachya var. polystachya
Carex polysticha
Carex potosina
Carex praeceptorum
Carex praecox
Carex praegracilis
Carex praegracilis var. praegracilis
Carex prairea
Carex prasina
Carex praticola
Carex prescottiana
Carex preslii
Carex pribylovensis
Carex pringlei
Carex prionophylla
Carex projecta
Carex propinqua
Carex proposita
Carex prostrata
Carex pruinosa
Carex pseudobicolor
Carex pseudobrizoides
Carex pseudocuraica
Carex pseudocyperus
Carex pseudocyperus var. fascicularis
Carex pseudocyperus var. pseudocyperus
Carex pseudofoetida
Carex pseudolaxa
Carex pseudomacloviana
Carex pseudoscirpoidea
Carex psilocarpa
Carex psychrophila
Carex pubigluma
Carex pudica
Carex pulicaris
Carex pumila
Carex punctata
Carex punctata var. laevicaulis
Carex punicea
Carex purdiei
Carex purpurascens
Carex purpurata
Carex purpurifera
Carex pygmaea
Carex pyrenaica
Carex pyrenaica subsp. micropoda
Carex pyrenaica subsp. pyrenaica
Carex quadrifida
Carex quadrifida var. lenis
Carex quebecensis
Carex queretarensis
Carex quichensis
Carex rachillis
Carex radfordii
Carex radiata
Carex radiciflora
Carex rafflesiana
Carex ramenskii
Carex rara subsp. rara
Carex rariflora
Carex rariflora var. pluriflora
Carex rariflora var. rariflora
Carex raymondii
Carex raynoldsii
Carex recta
Carex rectior
Carex reducta
Carex refracta
Carex reinii
Carex remota
Carex remota subsp. remota
Carex remota var. remotispicula
Carex remotiuscula
Carex reniformis
Carex repens
Carex retroflexa
Carex retroflexa var. retroflexa
Carex retroflexa var. texensis
Carex retrorsa
Carex retrorsa var. hartii
Carex reznicekii
Carex rhizopoda
Carex rhynchachaenium
Carex rhynchoperigynium
Carex richardii
Carex richardsonii
Carex richii
Carex rigens
Carex rigidioides
Carex riparia
Carex riparia var. impressa
Carex riparia var. lacustris
Carex roanensis
Carex rochebrunei subsp. remotispicula
Carex rochebrunei subsp. rochebrunei
Carex rosea
Carex rosea var. minor
Carex rosea var. pusilla
Carex rosea var. radiata
Carex rossii
Carex rostrata
Carex rostrata var. rostrata
Carex rotundata
Carex rousseaui
Carex rubrobrunnea var. taliensis
Carex ruedtii
Carex rufina
Carex rugata
Carex rugosperma
Carex rugosperma var. tonsa
Carex runssoroensis
Carex rupestris
Carex rupestris subsp. drummondiana
Carex rupestris var. drummondiana
Carex ruthii
Carex rzedowskii
Carex sabulosa
Carex sabulosa subsp. leiophylla
Carex sadoensis
Carex sakonis
Carex salina
Carex salina var. kattegatensis
Carex salina var. salina
Carex salina var. subspathacea
Carex salinaeformis
Carex salticola
Carex saltuensis
Carex sarawaketensis
Carex sartwelliana
Carex sartwellii
Carex sartwellii var. stenorrhyncha
Carex satsumensis
Carex saxatilis
Carex saxatilis var. major
Carex saxatilis var. saxatilis
Carex saxenii
Carex saxilittoralis
Carex saximontana
Carex scabrata
Carex scabrella
Carex scabrifolia
Carex scabriuscula
Carex scaposa
Carex schaffneri
Carex schiedeana
Carex schmidtii
Carex schneideri
Carex schottii
Carex schweinitzii
Carex scirpiformis
Carex scirpoidea
Carex scirpoidea subsp. convoluta
Carex scirpoidea subsp. pseudoscirpoidea
Carex scirpoidea subsp. scirpoidea
Carex scirpoidea subsp. stenochlaena
Carex scirpoidea var. convoluta
Carex scirpoidea var. gigas
Carex scirpoidea var. pseudoscirpoidea
Carex scirpoidea var. scirpiformis
Carex scirpoidea var. scirpoidea
Carex scirpoidea var. stenochlaena
Carex scita
Carex scitiformis
Carex scolopendriformis
Carex scoparia
Carex scoparia var. scoparia
Carex scoparia var. tesselata
Carex scoparia var. tessellata
Carex scopulorum
Carex scopulorum var. bracteosa
Carex scopulorum var. chimaphila
Carex scopulorum var. prionophylla
Carex scopulorum var. scopulorum
Carex seatoniana
Carex secalina
Carex secta
Carex sedakowii
Carex sellowiana
Carex sempervirens
Carex sendaica
Carex senta
Carex seorsa
Carex serotina
Carex serpenticola
Carex serratodens
Carex setifolia
Carex setigera
Carex setigera var. schlagintweitiana
Carex setosa
Carex sheldonii
Carex shimidzensis
Carex shinnersii
Carex shortiana
Carex shortii
Carex shriveri
Carex siccata
Carex siderosticta
Carex silicea
Carex silvatica
Carex simensis
Carex simpliciuscula
Carex simpliciuscula subsp. simpliciuscula
Carex simpliciuscula subsp. subholarctica
Carex simulata
Carex sinclairii
Carex sinodissitiflora
Carex sitchensis
Carex smalliana
Carex socialis
Carex sociata
Carex solandri
Carex songorica
Carex sonomensis
Carex soperi
Carex sororia
Carex spadicea
Carex sparganioides
Carex sparganioides var. aggregata
Carex sparganioides var. cephaloidea
Carex sparganioides var. sparganioides
Carex spartea
Carex specifica
Carex speciosa
Carex spectabilis
Carex specuicola
Carex spicata
Carex spicato-paniculata
Carex spicatopaniculata
Carex spiculosa
Carex spilocarpa
Carex spinirostris
Carex spissa
Carex spissa var. seatoniana
Carex spissa var. spissa
Carex sprengelii
Carex squarrosa
Carex standleyana
Carex stans
Carex stellata
Carex stellulata
Carex stenantha
Carex stenocarpa
Carex stenochlaena
Carex stenolepis
Carex stenophylla
Carex stenoptila
Carex stenostachys
Carex stenostachys var. cuneata
Carex sterilis
Carex sterilis var. angustata
Carex steudelii
Carex stevenii
Carex steyermarkii
Carex stipata
Carex stipata var. laevivaginata
Carex stipata var. maxima
Carex stipata var. oklahomensis
Carex stipata var. stipata
Carex stipata var. uberior
Carex stipitata
Carex stolonifera
Carex stramentitia
Carex straminea
Carex straminea var. aperta
Carex straminea var. brevior
Carex straminea var. congesta
Carex straminea var. invisa
Carex straminea var. mixta
Carex straminea var. tenera
Carex straminiformis
Carex striata
Carex striata var. brevis
Carex striata var. striata
Carex striatula
Carex stricta
Carex stricta var. decora
Carex stricta var. stricta
Carex stricta var. strictior
Carex stricticulmis
Carex strictior
Carex strigosa
Carex stygia
Carex styloflexa
Carex stylosa
Carex stylosa var. virens
Carex subandrogyna
Carex subantarctica
Carex subbracteata
Carex subdivulsa
Carex suberecta
Carex subfilicinoides
Carex subfuegiana
Carex subfusca
Carex subnigricans
Carex suborbiculata
Carex subpaleacea
Carex subsacculata
Carex subspathacea
Carex subulata
Carex sullivantii
Carex superata
Carex supina
Carex supina subsp. spaniocarpa
Carex supina var. spaniocarpa
Carex swanii
Carex sychnocephala
Carex sylvatica
Carex sylvicola
Carex tahoensis
Carex tehuacana
Carex teinogyna
Carex tenax
Carex tenejapensis
Carex tenella
Carex tenera
Carex tenera var. echinodes
Carex tenera var. major
Carex tenera var. richii
Carex tenera var. tenera
Carex teneraeformis
Carex teneriformis
Carex tenuiflora
Carex tenuirostris
Carex tenuissima
Carex teretiuscula
Carex teretiuscula var. major
Carex teretiuscula var. ramosa
Carex ternaria
Carex tessellata
Carex testacea
Carex tetanica
Carex tetanica var. woodii
Carex tetrastachya
Carex texensis
Carex thibetica
Carex thomsonii
Carex thornei
Carex thouarsii
Carex thunbergii
Carex thurberi
Carex timida
Carex tincta
Carex tiogana
Carex tojquianensis
Carex tolmiei
Carex tolmiei var. subsessilis
Carex tolucensis
Carex tomentosa
Carex tompkinsii
Carex tonsa
Carex tonsa var. rugosperma
Carex tonsa var. tonsa
Carex toroensis
Carex torreyana
Carex torreyi
Carex torta
Carex tovarensis
Carex townsendii
Carex trachycystis
Carex tracyi
Carex transandina
Carex triangularis
Carex tribuloides
Carex tribuloides var. sangamonensis
Carex tribuloides var. tribuloides
Carex tricephala
Carex triceps
Carex trichina
Carex trichocarpa
Carex trichocarpa var. aristata
Carex trichodes
Carex trifida
Carex trinervis
Carex triquetra
Carex trisperma
Carex trisperma var. trisperma
Carex tristachya
Carex tristis
Carex tuberculata
Carex tuckermanii
Carex tumulicola
Carex tunimanensis
Carex turbinata
Carex turgescens
Carex turgida
Carex turgidula
Carex turkestanica
Carex turumiquirensis
Carex tweediana
Carex typhina
Carex typhinoides
Carex uberior
Carex ultra
Carex umbellata
Carex umbellata var. tonsa
Carex umbrosa
Carex umbrosa subsp. umbrosa
Carex uncinata
Carex unciniiformis
Carex unilateralis
Carex ursina
Carex uruguensis
Carex ussuriensis
Carex usta
Carex utahensis
Carex utriculata
Carex utriculata var. globosa
Carex vacillans
Carex vaginata
Carex vaginata var. vaginata
Carex vahlii
Carex vahlii var. inferalpina
Carex vallicola
Carex vallicola var. vallicola
Carex vallis-pulchrae var. barrosiana
Carex vallis-rosetto
Carex vanheurckii
Carex vanheurckii subsp. vanheurckii
Carex varia
Carex varia var. australis
Carex variabilis
Carex variabilis var. elatior
Carex venusta
Carex venusta var. minor
Carex venusta var. venusta
Carex verna
Carex vernacula
Carex vernacula var. hobsonii
Carex verrucosa
Carex verticillata
Carex vesicaria
Carex vesicaria var. jejuna
Carex vesicaria var. laurentiana
Carex vesicaria var. major
Carex vesicaria var. monile
Carex vesicaria var. raeana
Carex vesicaria var. vesicaria
Carex vesiculosa
Carex vestita
Carex vexans
Carex vicaria
Carex vicinalis
Carex vidua
Carex villacensis
Carex virescens
Carex virescens var. costata
Carex virescens var. swanii
Carex virgata
Carex viridistellata
Carex viridula
Carex viridula subsp. brachyrhyncha
Carex viridula subsp. brachyrrhyncha
Carex viridula subsp. oedocarpa
Carex viridula subsp. viridula
Carex viridula var. elatior
Carex viridula var. saxilittoralis
Carex viridula var. viridula
Carex vizarronensis
Carex vulcani
Carex vulgaris
Carex vulgaris var. bracteosa
Carex vulpina
Carex vulpinaris
Carex vulpinoidea
Carex vulpinoidea var. ambigua
Carex vulpinoidea var. platycarpa
Carex vulpinoidea var. pycnocephala
Carex vulpinoidea var. vulpinoidea
Carex wahlenbergiana
Carex wahuensis
Carex wahuensis subsp. rubiginosa
Carex wahuensis subsp. wahuensis
Carex wahuensis var. rubiginosa
Carex wakatipu
Carex walkeri
Carex wallichiana
Carex walteriana
Carex walteriana var. brevis
Carex waponahkikensis
Carex wheeleri
Carex whitneyi
Carex wiegandii
Carex wilkesii
Carex willdenowii
Carex willdenowii var. megarrhyncha
Carex willdenowii var. willdenowii
Carex williamsii
Carex woodii
Carex wootonii
Carex x aestivaliformis
Carex x caesariensis
Carex x copulata
Carex x flavicans
Carex x fulleri
Carex x grantii
Carex x halophila
Carex x hartii
Carex x helvola
Carex x knieskernii
Carex x langeana
Carex x limosoides
Carex x limula
Carex x neofilipendula
Carex x olneyi
Carex x persalina
Carex x physocarpioides
Carex x reducta
Carex x spiculosa
Carex x stenolepis
Carex x subpaleacea
Carex x subviridula
Carex x sullivantii
Carex x xanthina
Carex xalapensis
Carex xanthocarpa
Carex xerantica
Carex xerophila
Carex yosemitana
Carex zahnii
Carex zikae
Carex zotovii
Carex zuluensis
Carex × deamii
Carex × laggeri
Carex × subimpressa