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Billbergia alfonsi-joannis
Billbergia amoena
Billbergia amoena var. amoena
Billbergia brachysiphon
Billbergia brachysiphon var. breviflora
Billbergia bradeana
Billbergia brasiliensis
Billbergia buchholtzii
Billbergia cardenasii
Billbergia chlorantha
Billbergia cylindrostachya
Billbergia decora
Billbergia distachia
Billbergia eloiseae
Billbergia euphemiae
Billbergia formosa
Billbergia horrida
Billbergia iridifolia
Billbergia issingiana
Billbergia jandebrabanderi
Billbergia kautskyana
Billbergia laxiflora
Billbergia lietzei
Billbergia macrocalyx
Billbergia macrolepis
Billbergia magnifica
Billbergia manarae
Billbergia meyeri
Billbergia microlepis
Billbergia morelii
Billbergia nutans
Billbergia nutans var. nutans
Billbergia nutans var. schimperiana
Billbergia oxysepala
Billbergia pallidiflora
Billbergia porteana
Billbergia pyramidalis
Billbergia robert-readii
Billbergia rosea
Billbergia rupestris
Billbergia sanderiana
Billbergia saundersiana
Billbergia saundersii
Billbergia speciosa
Billbergia stenopetala
Billbergia tessmannii
Billbergia tweedieana
Billbergia tweedieana var. latisepala
Billbergia violacea
Billbergia viridiflora
Billbergia vittata
Billbergia zebrina