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Ageratina acevedoana
Ageratina acutidentata
Ageratina adenophora
Ageratina aegirophylla
Ageratina altissima
Ageratina altissima var. altissima
Ageratina altissima var. roanensis
Ageratina amblyolepis
Ageratina ampla
Ageratina anisochroma
Ageratina apollinairei
Ageratina areolaris
Ageratina aromatica
Ageratina aromatica var. aromatica
Ageratina arsenei
Ageratina astellera
Ageratina atrocordata
Ageratina baccharoides
Ageratina badia
Ageratina beamanii
Ageratina bellidifolia
Ageratina blepharilepis
Ageratina brandegeana
Ageratina brevipes
Ageratina bustamenta
Ageratina caeciliae
Ageratina calaminthifolia
Ageratina calophylla
Ageratina campyloclada
Ageratina capillipes
Ageratina cardiophylla
Ageratina carmonis
Ageratina cartagoensis
Ageratina cerifera
Ageratina chazaroana
Ageratina chiapensis
Ageratina chimalapana
Ageratina choricephala
Ageratina choricephaloides
Ageratina ciliata
Ageratina collodes
Ageratina conspicua
Ageratina contorta
Ageratina crassiramea
Ageratina cremasta
Ageratina crenaea
Ageratina cronquistii
Ageratina cruzii
Ageratina cylindrica
Ageratina deltoidea
Ageratina dendroides
Ageratina dictyoneura
Ageratina dolichobasis
Ageratina durangensis
Ageratina enixa
Ageratina ernstii
Ageratina espinosarum
Ageratina espinosarum var. espinosarum
Ageratina espinosarum var. subintegrifolia
Ageratina etlensis
Ageratina fastigiata
Ageratina flourensifolia
Ageratina geminata
Ageratina gentryana
Ageratina gilbertii
Ageratina glabrata
Ageratina glauca
Ageratina glechonophylla
Ageratina glischra
Ageratina gonzalezorum
Ageratina gracilis
Ageratina grashoffii
Ageratina gypsophila
Ageratina hartii
Ageratina havanensis
Ageratina hebes
Ageratina hederaefolia
Ageratina helenae
Ageratina henzium
Ageratina herbacea
Ageratina hernandezii
Ageratina hidalgensis
Ageratina hyssopina
Ageratina ibaguensis
Ageratina ilicifolia
Ageratina illita
Ageratina intibucensis
Ageratina irrasa
Ageratina isolepis
Ageratina jacunda
Ageratina jahnii
Ageratina jaliscensis
Ageratina jocotepecana
Ageratina josepaneroi
Ageratina jucunda
Ageratina kochiana
Ageratina lasia
Ageratina lasioneura
Ageratina lemmonii
Ageratina leptodictyon
Ageratina liebmannii
Ageratina ligustrina
Ageratina loeseneri
Ageratina luciae-brauniae
Ageratina lucida
Ageratina macdonaldii
Ageratina macvaughii
Ageratina mairetiana
Ageratina mairetiana var. elucens
Ageratina mairetiana var. mairetiana
Ageratina malacolepis
Ageratina manantlana
Ageratina markporteri
Ageratina miquihuana
Ageratina molinae
Ageratina muelleri
Ageratina mygindaefolia
Ageratina neohintoniorum
Ageratina neriifolia
Ageratina nesomii
Ageratina oaxacana
Ageratina occidentalis
Ageratina oligocephala
Ageratina oreithales
Ageratina ovilla
Ageratina pachypoda
Ageratina palmeri
Ageratina paupercula
Ageratina pazcuarensis
Ageratina pelotropha
Ageratina pendula
Ageratina pentlandiana
Ageratina petiolaris
Ageratina photina
Ageratina pichinchensis
Ageratina potosina
Ageratina pringlei
Ageratina prunellaefolia
Ageratina prunellifolia
Ageratina pseudochilca
Ageratina psilodora
Ageratina purpusii
Ageratina queretaroana
Ageratina ramonensis
Ageratina resiniflua
Ageratina reticulifera
Ageratina rhodopoda
Ageratina rhomboidea
Ageratina riparia
Ageratina riskindii
Ageratina rivalis
Ageratina roanensis
Ageratina robinsoniana
Ageratina rollinsii
Ageratina rothrockii
Ageratina rubricaulis
Ageratina rupicola
Ageratina saltillensis
Ageratina sandersii
Ageratina saxorum
Ageratina schaffneri
Ageratina scorodonioides
Ageratina seleri
Ageratina shastensis
Ageratina skutchii
Ageratina sodiroi
Ageratina sousae
Ageratina stricta
Ageratina subcordata
Ageratina subinclusa
Ageratina sundbergii
Ageratina tetragona
Ageratina theifolia
Ageratina thyrsiflora
Ageratina tinifolia
Ageratina tomentella
Ageratina tonduzii
Ageratina triangulata
Ageratina triniona
Ageratina tristis
Ageratina urbanii
Ageratina vacciniifolia
Ageratina venulosa
Ageratina vernalis
Ageratina vernicosa
Ageratina viburnoides
Ageratina viscosa
Ageratina viscosissima
Ageratina warnockii
Ageratina wrightii
Ageratina yaharana
Ageratina yecorana
Ageratina zapalinama
Ageratina zunilana
Ageratinastrum polyphyllum